USWAY GEAR Announces the Launch of its Premium Heavy Duty Tow Strap

USWAY GEAR happily announces the launch of its high-quality heavy duty tow strap manufactured for all towing needs. USWAY GEAR Heavy Duty TOW STRAP is an exceptionally built multipurpose tow strap that is carefully constructed to meet and surpass the towing needs, anticipations, and demands of an extensive range of users scattered in diverse operational environments all over the world. The USWAY GEAR heavy duty tow strap has been perfectly designed to deliver the most fascinating and innovative towing experiences with maximum functionality.

USWAY GEAR towing strap is made with high quality and superior tensile 100% polyester material which makes the product to withstand pressure and remain resistant to heat and water thereby making it very durable. This exceptional heavy duty strap is very robust, highly flexible and is built with tightly woven fabric to support its durability and weather resistant nature. The looped ends are well padded, reinforced and highly strengthened with stitching on both ends to protect against abrasion & withstand the tension at the connection points.

“USWAY GEAR Towing Strap has 10.000 LBS (5 US TON) Working Load (WLL) and 30.000 pounds (15 US TON) Rated Capacity making it suitable for use on all forms of automobiles especially Personal Vehicles, Full-Size Pickup Trucks, SUVs & ATVs, Boats or mid-size trucks. It is convenient, easy to carry & use. Roll up for storage in the included Storage Bag after usage.

The towing strap is highly appropriate whether you are on the road or off-road, whether you are moving equipment, removing trail wreckages or towing personal vehicles or trucks to the repair shop” explained George, Sales Manager at USWAY GEAR.

The heavy duty tow strap is constructed bearing in mind the highest and globally rated performance standards and at a very affordable rate which provides excellent value based on its high level of quality and extraordinary capacity that will give users many years of use. The strap is built with a double loop design for reliable towing and has a length of 30 feet which is long enough to prevent collision during the towing process and also reach vehicles in difficult recovery situations such as those that have fallen off the road or stuck in deep water, sand, mud or snow.

USWay Gear Heavy-Duty Tow Strap is the premium towing strap available for all towing needs in all seasons. For further information or to buy your USWAY GEAR Heavy Duty Tow Strap visit Keep Reading

Emerging Barbadian Face Rona Williams Hits Vogue India

Distinguished international model management company Omega Model Management has recently placed the promising Barbadian fashion model Rona Williams with Inega Model Management, one of the leading modeling agencies in Mumbai, India. Having appeared in Vogue India’s 10th anniversary June 2017 issue, Rona has also starred in different prestigious campaigns in India over a period of three months.

Bridgetown, Barbados – June 19, 2017 Omega Model Management is pleased to announce the arrival of Rona Williams in the international fashion scene. This upcoming Barbadian fashion model was just spotted in Vogue India and has been involved in a series of modeling campaigns over the last three months. Within under a year of development, Omega Model Management has assisted Rona Williams in securing a contract with Inega Model Management, one of the top modeling agencies in India.

Rona Williams has spent three full months in India’s fashion capital Mumbai, experiencing the culture and starring in several campaigns. Some of her most noteworthy assignments include shooting campaigns for Amazon, editorials for Conde Naste, and appearing on billboards & in-store-print ads for brands like Myntra and People. Rona has also featured in Vogue India’s 10th anniversary June 2017 issue in pieces by My ProjectEve, where her refreshing presence was appreciated by many. Interestingly, this issue was one of the most circulated ones in the history of the Indian version of the magazine.

Rona is now returning to Barbados after the end of her Indian journey, and she will spend the summer working with some regional clients before heading towards the USA. The success of this ‘girl-next-door’ from Barbados is certainly a great inspiration for the aspiring fashion professionals in Barbados and the Caribbean region.

A member of the KeDrew network, Omega Model Management is dedicated to discovering extraordinary faces and nurturing them into global superstars. They operate with a goal to build lifelong careers while embracing the individual personalities and strengths of the talent.

Commenting on the accomplishments of Rona Williams, Co-Director of Omega Model Management and international photographer, Alex Jackson said, “We are so thrilled to represent such a confident and talented young woman, as Rona. We look forward to the continued journey of building her brand inside and outside of the modeling industry. At Omega, we work to develop each talent’s qualities, and strive to present our entire roster with as many opportunities as possible.” Keep Reading

Sugarlady partners with HealthyTokyo in Japan

Over 500 natural and additive-free products delivered to your door

Tokyo, Japan – (June 21, 2017), Sugarlady Co, Ltd. (Ota-ku, Tokyo), the leading purveyor of natural and additive-free goods in Japan has partnered with HealthyTokyo K.K. (Minato-ku, Tokyo), the top provider of health and wellness information and products for the English speaking community in Japan, encompassing both residents and visitors.The broad range of additive-free Sugarlady products is now available on HealthyTokyo’s online shop ( for purchase in English.

There are about 450 food additives allowed in Japan by the MHLW (Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare). Sugarlady’s products do not contain any of these substances.

The companies will together offer more than 500 products with prompt delivery in Japan. Sugarlady’s additive-free food selection is impressive, stocking hundreds of premium frozen ingredients and prepared foods as well as condiments and dry goods. Shoppers can also buy skin care, supplements, and household items.

“For Sugarlady, partnering with HealthyTokyo was a natural decision. HealthyTokyo has a thorough understanding of the needs of the foreign community in Japan. Like Sugarlady, HealthyTokyo has a strong ethical stance and drive for high-quality products, services and transparency”, said Ken Sato, president of Sugarlady Incorporated.

Sugarlady is well known in Japan for its commitment to natural and additive-free goods. Since 1970, this company has been providing Japan with products of the highest quality made from the finest ingredients. Sugarlady is continually expanding its range to support a healthy lifestyle, from food to supplements, personal care, and cosmetics. Keep Reading

SoftBank and BTS sign a Joint Venture Agreement to launch “S and BTS Global Corp”

Miami, June 15th, 2017

BTS – Business Telecommunications Services, one of the most advanced international carriers and SoftBank Corp, the global leader in technology and communications, are pleased to announce a Joint Venture Agreement for the establishment of the new entity “S and BTS Global Corp” based in Tokyo, Japan.

The new company will combine the complementary strengths of its parent corporations in telecommunications, e-commerce, Internet, and technology services to revolutionize the next wave of innovation in the international telecom industry.

At first stage, S and BTS Global Corp will manage SoftBank’s international voice traffic as well as BTS’s Asia traffic.

Moreover, the partnership will bring a diversified portfolio of hubbing, cloud and managed services as a key player in the global market place.

Both parties are excited to join forces to deliver value based solutions to the market. Keep Reading

BEPUPPY: The Pet Social Network Made in Italy

The beloved pet social network BEPUPPY has updated with an eagerly awaited new version that in addition to responding to user feedback, it will introduce significant innovations and winks both eyes to an international audience.

It is a story that started in Italy in the now distant April 2013. The idea of a “social network for dogs” that immediately obtained success and consent, becoming the year’s reference point on the Italian web scope, also thanks to the support of the pet blog that is rich in valuable content for all animal lovers. Marco Martinenghi is a young creative that from a personal passion created the site that he likes to define “a platform at the service of the pet lovers” and that today presents his”creation” in an entirely new shape.

The wait was so long, and BEPUPPY was already at the center of user attention, early adopters, bloggers, journalists and other startuppers due to loads of innovation that it brings and for the many lists of useful aids that it can offer to those who love animals.

As many already know, BEPUPPY has the objective of bringing together all the people who share their lives beside our animal friends, putting the latter at the center of attention; but not only dogs and cats, in the new version rabbits, ferrets, hamsters, iguanas, horses and many other pets are welcome too!

The new social network for pets completes an ideal path that started years ago. While before the site allowed you to create an account on behalf of your dog, now everything starts from “human” mind that can create multiple profiles his or her pet and make friends with people who were passionate about a breed in particular or that simply share the same passion for animals.

At the same time, you can follow other people’s pets and interact according to your preferences, for example looking for specific dog breeds that you are interested in. Keep Reading



Dhaka, Bangladesh – June 9, 2017: Empower Bangladesh has been doing a phenomenal job serving the people of Bangladesh. The non-profit organization has achieved a lot during a very short period and has helped more than 3000 families with legal consultation. In the most densely populated country in the world, the organization provides legal consultation and representation to all those who feel exploited and vulnerable. Moreover, the team formally started its services in 2014 and had come a long way since.

“We have added new initiatives to build a more specialized and comprehensive volunteer force.” Said Monica Khan, the Founding President of Empower Bangladesh in a recent interview while talking about the services offered by the organization. “This volunteer force is focused on research, preparation, and public policy and we particularly take pride in our research infrastructure because we have built it with a result oriented approach.” She added. Monica has a background in Women’s Studies as well as Neuroscience. Moreover, before founding Empower Bangladesh, she has been serving the community in several strategic and leading roles in public policy, community education and awareness.

The primary goal of Empower Bangladesh is to educate families regarding the rights and opportunities that are available for them. Also, the core policy of the company is to believe in the proactive options and solutions instead of the reactive ones. With an expanding number of volunteers, donors, and partners, the organization is growing its volunteer base to include non-specialized fields in its influx to help the maximum number of families. Furthermore, the organization teaches families on how to avoid exploitation and solve their vulnerabilities.

In the most thickly populated country of the world, spousal and child rights have been suppressed since nearly five decades of its independence. With married women deprived of their rights in inheritance and properties, the organization is creating a mass social movement in Bangladesh to help such women. Moreover, issues such as domestic violence, child abuse, child labor and family health problems are also one of the primary concerns of the programs run by Empower Bangladesh.

“We try to educate parents on not only the practical benefits of maintaining children enrollment but also assistance programs.” Said Sharif Hasan, the Executive Director at Empower Bangladesh. According to Mr. Hasan, the organization consults families on how to get the maximum social and monetary benefits in their respective areas. Besides creating awareness, the team of volunteers working at the agency also keep a tight follow up with the families they have helped. Keep Reading Launches Subscription-Based Service to Make Finding Fine Vino Practical

Making a new way to enjoy the best wines a whole lot like a walk in the park, launches its delicious wares to a thirsty marketplace.

Portland, OR – May 30, 2017 – Creating a run on practicality, suffice it to say, a great toast is for wine lovers everywhere. How so? There’s a new digital age way to unearth premium wines from California Oregon and Washington without lifting a finger. Brought right to doorsteps with half bottles of the best wines in town, gives vino fans what they’ve always wanted. A wine tasting club that provides variety without a hefty price tag. Now, wine curated by the platform’s members will arrive every month in batches of red, white, and sparkling with nothing further to do. Imbibe, anyone?

Randall Radcliff, Owner, and CEO of WineSampler said of the launch, “Other wine clubs start you off with a low price and then require you to buy their wines at full price.” At, there’s no obligation to buy new wine. If you find the wine you like, you can buy it directly from us, from the maker, or even a store near you. So now, you can sample excellent wines from more wineries than you would ever be able to visit, and then buy only the ones you like. So much better than joining a winery club and then only getting to try the wines they produce. You can cancel WineSampler at any time but, you won’t want to.”

When members sign up for this wine tasting club, they get the chance to try wines from hundreds of vineyards and wineries in California, Oregon, and Washington. These are wines from ultra-premium, premier, and selective vineyards delivered in either 3,6,9, or 12 split bottle packages. From the start, members will receive half bottles of the same variety first in red then, the next month, in white. Red and white wines will alternate for as long as members maintain their subscription. Pricing starting at just $34.99 a month. Members can even add champagne and sparkling wine if they like.

For more information visit

About WineSampler: Keep Reading

Vita Migliore Announce Exciting Release of Premium Quality Moscow Mule Copper Mug Set on

Food and drink connoisseurs understand deeply it’s impossible to enjoy a real Moscow Mule in a regular glass – a quality copper mug is the only way to go. The good news is Chef Jacques, and Vita Migliore is answering the call with the release of their new Moscow Mule Copper Mug set, a premium quality choice with a quite affordable price tag.

June 2, 2017

Some fantastic cocktails can’t be enjoyed fully unless they are drinking properly. That means first, the right ingredients and in some cases, even drank from the right kind of cup, glass or mug. Enter Vita Migliore, a high-quality kitchen product brand endorsed by the famous Chef Jacques, who recently announced the launch of their latest product – the Vita Migliore Moscow Mule Copper Mug Set. The new premium mug choice was designed to fit the bill for shoppers searching for a copper mug ideal for enjoying Moscow Mules.

“When someone shops with us we want them to know they are getting nothing but the best in quality,” commented a spokesperson from the company. “Chef Jacques demands it. Our new Moscow Mule Copper Mugs aren’t going to let anyone down. And the way our gift set is packaged it’s perfect for a birthday or other special occasion. Check out the big difference first hand.”

According to Vita Migliore, two Moscow Mule Copper Mugs, a pair of copper straws, a smaller copper mug for shots and a remarkably well-written recipe book of Moscow Mule-style drinks are included in their new package. The box it comes in is also expertly designed for its very appealing and classy look, winning compliments routinely for the company’s extreme attention to detail.

Vita Migliore is happy to offer a complete satisfaction guarantee with every order sold – any issues at all and they won’t hesitate to refund a customer, with no hassle completely. Keep Reading


Vishaun Grissett, a 29-year-old entrepreneur and passionate wellness advocate who has been offering health and wellness coaching sessions and support for over a year, this week officially launched his latest wellness venture, the Winning Health Market, now one of the largest collections of natural products available online today.

Featuring over 13,000 products and expanding the inventory daily, Winning Health Market offers a massive selection of private label brands that every consumer can trust, as well as independent labels working to improve everyone’s health.

“Over 20-years ago, my father fell incredibly ill due to the pesticides and chemicals he was exposed to while working on a chicken farm for one of the largest suppliers of chicken in this country, ” said Grissett. “After several surgeries, though he is alive, he is still fighting despite his exposure to the harmful substances while working on that farm. It was this very incident that motivated me to care more about health and natural wellness without chemical additives and compounds. I want everyone to have the health transformation they need.”

Grissett’s coaching company, Winning Health LLC, is based on the “four pillars of health:” lifestyle, exercise, attitude, and nutrition. He works with individuals and helps them to make significant changes through incremental steps. Additionally, the coaching aims to provide students with a hands-on, revolutionary approach to health cultivation, as opposed to therapy sessions that only focus on rhetoric.

“I was drawn to the health industry because I realized this is how I could make a change in people’s lives for the better,” said Grissett. “It’s incredible how much control we have over our bodies and our health only by making a conscious decision to invest in natural food, products, and supplements today.”

For more information, visit: Keep Reading

Overweight Financial Planner Launches Preferred Best Project to Document Effect of Weight Loss on Life Insurance Rates

Proprietary health rating tool for life insurance consumers is expected to be added in next 30-days

NORWALK, CT June 6, 2017 – Jim Tobin, owner of the, a Connecticut-based Internet life insurance agency, is using his Preferred Best Project to document how life insurance rates improve with weight loss today.

Tobin, a Certified Financial Planner who is significantly overweight, will be supplementing regular doctors visits with “do it yourself” walk-in labs and Higi Station (a DIY blood pressure testing service located in supermarkets and pharmacies). These tools, as well as others, will record weight, blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar, kidney, and liver function results. The results will be updated weekly with corresponding underwriting grades using the guidelines of major insurers.

Asked recently about the longer term goals of the project, Tobin was hopeful that people would do more than just follow his progress. “I hope to collaborate with many individuals who are in the same boat as me, and get them motivated to get healthy alongside me,” said the financial planner.

The project has preliminary plans to build a forum for participants to log lab results and provide a support community.

The preferred best project, which can be accessed on the blog attached to the agency website, will be adding a proprietary health rating tool so consumers can get an idea where they stand with insurers. The evaluation tool is being beta tested and is expected to launch in the next 30-days.

About the Preferred Best Project Keep Reading

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